Fabian Rossano Studios is a photography and graphic design studio located in the heart of NYC's fashion district. We cater to the fashion and life style industries producing exclusively but not limited to catalogs, print and web look books, advertisements, point of purchase, posters, mailers, e-commerce & wholesale websites. By bringing together all of the elements of advanced design capabilities: photography, retouching, layout and printing, all under one roof, we encompass the right image for your project.

"We make high end work accessible by implementing high tech services into a small, focused setting where the integrity of the project is not compromised." - says Fabian Rossano, photographer and designer and owner of Fabian Rossano Studios.


Let's us show you how an image can say a thousand words. We'd love to hear from you!






580 Eighth Avenue NYC 10018  212.691.4123  |  917.749.4805